One can Never Let ones Guard down

April 27, 2009 Drafts

Hello All my wonderful ladyes.  I know i promised you yesterday that i would dedicate mondays to all forms of dess fashion, and I still intend to,  but i had an incident yesterday which must be discussed.img_0098

img_00951I was at a lovely gathering of womyn, where we were drinking tea (sacred beverage of the goddess), and eating organic sandwiches (crust less, cut into triangles, sacred shape of the womyn’s yoni).  The table setting was  was beauityful, and the conversation was sparkling.   We had three types of tea, and for a while, the only way this meal could have been improved upon was if the restaurant had allowed my life partner, Anextiomarius Rose join us.

As tends to happen when a womyn such as myself lets her guard down, the warm swell of the tea and my friend’s sweet laughter lulled me into a sense of false security, and I forgot that we live in a world rife with  the threat of masculine danger.  That is, until i went to the bathroom.

I feel a small tear welling up in my eye as i think of what happened next on this atofore lovely Sunday afternoon.  As i entered the bathroom and flipped the light switch I turned.  A chill ran down my spine, my feet began to sweat and my blood ran cold.    img_01001This  arrangement was next to the sink, facing the toilet.   The patriarchy,apparently, is waiting for you around every corner, in every nook and cranny, any where that you are starting to feel safe.  The sight of these two female angels, humbly facing the little kneeling choir boy was enough to loosen my lunch from my stomach, and move it into the lavender scented toilet bowl.  Clearly, after washing my hands, i went out, apologized to my friends, and quickly left.


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