May 1, 2009 Drafts

Greetings My fellow Goddess whorshipers! i must admit, i’m wired… i was up all night revelling and dancing and generally worshiping the goddess in all manner of wonderous ritual. I intend to stay up all day and night again dancing away my most favorite holiday, Bealtaine!!!! (Also, don’t confuse that image for a man kissing a womyn [barf] its actually a womyn with a beard kissing another womyn… Our vile western socialization trains us to associate facial hair with maleness)

beltane2 Heres a picture of me cutting loose last night. and this part of the night was great too:0_around_edinburgh_-_calton_hill_beltane_06_009169

Bealtaine is my favorite holiday for more than the deep spirtitual reasons. It is also a very special holiday because Bealtaine eve marks the day that one of the most powerful wonderfullest preciousist wisest beautiouses goddess worshipping companion’s of mine was born. So we here at HAILDESS send out our warmest happyest expelled from your mothers vagina day wishes to Goddess Caytlyn!!! It’s no suprise a womyn born during such a holiday would turn out to be as marvelous as duster caytlyn. (ps. her birthday was yesterday).

here is an artistic interpreation of what i imagine syster goddess Caytlyn may be up to on this byrthday.

fae_on_beltane_morn_smLOVE AND LOVE GODDESS BLESS and happy BEALTAINE!!! SEE YOU AT THE wild drum circles tonight if you’re going!!! ALSO: if you see if a MAY POLE today, BURN IT. In no way do i ever condone any PHALLUS related worship, EVEN on BELTAINE.


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