toilet paper? NO

May 4, 2009 Drafts

Toilet Paper: you might as well wipe your ass with the patriarchy.


In North America, we are so conditioned to use toilet paper, that most Americans don’t even realize that toilet paper isn’t used in many parts of the world. One could even say that in other parts of the world, no one gives a shit about Toilet Paper.

“Even the most conservative statistics make for truly alarming reading:

  • In the US, toilet tissue rolls from 100 percent recycled fibers makes up less than 2 percent of sales among premium and conventional brands…
  • Americans use an average of 23.6 rolls per capita a year – that’s 36.5 billion rolls – or 15 million trees…
  • 424,000 trees would be spared if every US household replaced a 500-sheet roll of virgin fiber toilet paper with a roll of 100% recycled toilet paper…
  • Toilet paper produced for use in the US requires the use of 473 billion gallons of water, 253,000 tons of chlorine, and 17.3 terawatts of electricity annually.”

(these stats are quoted from An evironmental blog)

If you can’t afford to get a bidet attachment, we here at the Haildess recommend bringing a little pot of water to the toilet with you, and splashing clean after words.  You can even put a little orange zest, mint, or lavender in the water if you want to really smell divine for your lovers.  Save the husks from your corn, peels from your apples, etc. for a good wipe after a poop.  Than you can compost the vegetable and fruit peals in your worm compost garden.


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  • 1. mariawatts  |  May 4, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    I’m glad you were able to share this wonderful and alarming piece of information with our fellow *ess worshipers. I want to share my support by telling you all that my garden has grown 50x larger and faster since i begun using the peels after my poo’s. We should all have a garden full of our basic mint, rose, sage, chamomile and lavender that are used in our daily ceremonies during our menstruation cycles. Hail Dess!

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