Ritual Ceremonies During The Devotional Period

May 6, 2009 marinwatts

When I begin bleeding, I realize how lucky I am to be a womyn and I bask in  my devotion to the Goddess.  As the Devotional Period begins I prepare for my 5-7 days of absolute bliss!  I always picked fresh organic herbs from my garden that has been fertalized with the compost that my body has contributed to.  I prepare tonics that are to be drank all day long.  Dess Devotional Tonics Please forgive my containess labels, as a young worshipper I attempted to create a visual representation of my Dess, but i very quickly realized that She is all things and everything.  Its important to keep the same containesses throughout the length of your life.  The tonics are a mixture of mint, rose hips, chamomile, and other natural additions like Kratom, It can produce euphoria as well as reduce anxiety, depression, and pain.  Some people call it a ‘drug’, but I feel thats impossible considering the Dess has produced it for us naturally and in abundance.  As she has to the other natural substances like betel nut, Hawaiin Baby Woodrose and Ayahuasa which are all part of the Rituals during the Devotional Period.

During the first two days I consistently drink mint, chamomile, and kratom to relieve the pain as well ingest the bounty of goods the Dess has gifted to us.  I only drink this tonix and organic vegatables from my garden blessed by the Dess.  On the third day, I drink rose hips mixed with Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds to take me emotioinally and spiritually closer to the womb of the Goddess.  This is one of my most memorable visions.  I reproduced it over 53 times and walpapered it throughout my house.

Visions of the Dess Beautious!

On the fourth day begins the heavy meditation.  Usually I meditate for 3 hours of the day to symbolize the three tips of the Dess Triangle. I meditate for two hours on the Goddess Tip, I spend 45 minutes envisioning The Mighty Dolphin, and 15 minutes to imagine the Dess worshippers of the world all meditating with me at that very moment.    sunrise_meditate On the fourth day I meditate on the rock cliffs near the water where I first spotted The Mighty Dolphin and I bleed into the ocean to give back to the earth and the Dess.  I meditate from 3am to 8pm, that is 16 hours and each hour represents each year I’ve been filled with the blood that makes me a womyn.  Every year my meditations are extended by an hour.

Devotional Ritual For the remaining days of my cycle I am outdoors close to the earth.  At times, when there are more than one Dess worshipper bleeding, we meet up at the sacred space and converse about the glories of the Dess until She thinks we’ve given our full selves to the Dess. I am approaching my Devotional Period and am already filled with love for the Dess.


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  • 1. Lauren  |  May 6, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    you have put me to shame, high priestess. I need to work harder at devoting during the devotional period.

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