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May 8, 2009 marinwatts

I’ve been filled to the brim with joy and I realized its because I’ve been perfectly coupled with my Dess Mate.  I went on the internet to exclaim how happy i am to be a dyke and I found this.  I’m not sure how I feel about it.

iChat Image(1919630665)

What comes to mind is a Keysha Cole song (with Lil Kim & Missy Elliot) called “Let it go” , in a line she says ” hey! Let it go! Let it gooo! ayyey! if he aint gonna love you the way he should then let it go!” P.S. Missy Elliot is a passionate *ess worshipper and attends every sacred circle ceremony.

Have these women  just discarded their men and are they finding solace in the “dyke side” or is saying that being a dyke is like stepping over to the “dark side”?  The fruit in the corner remarks upon fertility, permiscuity, and the act of being “plucked”.  Have they been plucked or are they plucking each other from their heteronormative baby making, man stench, dinner making, biscuit baking, floor sweeping lives. *

Or are they escaping from the social expectations of a female and basking in their love at their hideaway in paradise? They are both very pretty women.  Polished, big hair, and wearing loose clothing.  The one holding the limp woman looks like my partner Michelle Rodriguez.   Makes me feel like I’m on a cloud…

” When they play it in the club they gunna say damn thats hot

* I aplogize if I offended any heterosexual Goddess worshippers, you are exempt from this stereotype… obviously!

Help me digest and understand the above image.  Comments are welcome!  Keep up the good work and Dess Bless!


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  • 1. Lauren  |  May 8, 2009 at 7:03 pm

    your thoughts on this tantalizing image are quite insightful. Although i have not yet meditated on the image to see how it truelly makes me feel, one of my gut reactions was to appreciate that the picture is breaking the butch/femme sterotype, and has depicted to feminine women in the throws of passion

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