Couples Therapy

May 13, 2009 Drafts

Anextiomarus Rose, my prized feline companion is having problems.

Well, our therapist has told me that i should say “we” are having problems.

snowmountainYou can see on our vacation to Snow Mountain (where we went to perform the ritual of the Dawn Goddess) he looks rather surly.

I think he has  issues with his mother, and is transferring them on to me. (TYPICAL MAN!)  It saddens me greatly, as i hoped when i rescued him from the pet store that his male-ness would not be an issue.  Unfortunately, it is.

Anextiomarus Rose expects me to do EVERYTHING (The treachery of men!) around the house. I clean his recyclable corn husk litter, i serve him his organic vegan cat food, i give him lavender and eucalyptus baths.  I understand he is limited by his lack of opposable thumbs… but honestly, that seems like  a flimsy excuse some times.

Lately he has been ripping up all my papers, and waking me up at dawn, demanding breakfast.    Our therapist thinks that Anextiomarus Rose is largely unaware of his unconscious, and that he needs to get in touch with his unconscious thinking before we can work on the symptoms.

I’m sure things will improve. i love him from the very depths of my soul, and love like that means something.


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