May 14, 2009 Drafts

I usually use this sacred e-space to promote things I believe in, and to share  my intuitive knowledge of the G*Dess with my systers.


However, today I feel betrayed, hostile, and all around UPSET.  About a year ago i commissioned a women to paint my precious  poochie-poo Mylo.  I commissioned the painting as much to support womyn in the arts as i did to have beautiful painting on my wall.

This Artist who painted Mylo, A certain Lauren O’Connell, sends me email alerts whence she finishes a new painting.  This morning, when I opened my emails, my eyes and soul were assaulted with the following filth:

IMG_0145I apologize for violation of your eyes with this image.  First of all, why would the artist purposelly choose to crop the female form off  at the head and legs…  she has rendered this womyn thoughtless and immobile.  She is facing away from us… is this a sign of fear? she cannot face the oppressive male gaze?  Her posture is slouchy and dis-empowered.   This is  a womyn who is trapped like a butterfly for the amusement of others.   Not to mention the fact that the womyn in the picture is completely void of any body hair. no body hair, no leg hair.  I could forgive some of the misogyny if a pubic hair or two was curling out from around that horrible thong but…. NO, this women is shaved, waxed, plucked (whatever it is women do to get rid of their body hairs).

Lauren O’Connell, you DISGUST ME.

Clearly, i am mailing back the portrait of Mylo, and demanding a full refund. I refuse to be associated with an artist who paints such vile, misgonistic vomit.


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  • 1. emily  |  May 14, 2009 at 7:46 pm

    Perhaps I have been socially drained of my womynly ways and have been internally brainwashed to want to scrap my womynhood away to look like a 5-year-old…but I kinda like the painting.
    Pondering over this paintings deep issue…You have shown me how sick and disturbed I have been! I will now unleash my hairs that are wanting so badly to express themselves in their curls of pure wildness.
    Should we ban this uneducated artists? Our reaction to this painting can be appreciated in how an art piece can become sooo controversial.
    Lauren is an example of our social sickness and must be stopped from promoting skinless slaves, known as women.

  • 2. emily  |  May 14, 2009 at 8:00 pm

    I think the devil took over my hands for a mere moment. I meant to say “hairless slaves”. Was this typo a window into the devilish ways of the “artist” Lauren? I have close connect with her and she may be trying to take over my hands to not tell you the horror that will rain appon us with her paints..

  • 3. Caytlyn  |  May 15, 2009 at 12:10 am

    Note the horrible high-heeled shoe violating the space just next to Mylo. Clearly this Lauren wants to teach him that womyn should be oppressed by wearing footwear that keeps them hobbled and cursed with lower back pain. I’m surprised she didn’t render him (or the faceless womyn!) attached to a leash. Despicable! If you need him reprogrammed I know someone.

  • 4. Lauren  |  May 15, 2009 at 3:18 am

    Caytlyn, you are deeply insightful. I’ve felt a discomfort with the presence of the high heeled shoe since the painting was first presented to me by Ms. O’Connell. I overlooked it, as Mylo’s essence was so astutely captured. At this point, I’m greatly relieved to be rid of the thing.

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