Womyn DO take Giant POOPS

May 26, 2009 Drafts

I write this morning from a space of quiet, intense rage.  Today, when i received my parcels by US mail, there was a small envelope, hand addressed, to me.  What a thrill! It was from Mario Van Buren, a male human I knew when I was living in a Pagan Nudist Colony in Vermont.  Mario wasn’t part of the nudist colony, he was just a lad who went to a school in a nearby village.  Although Mario wasn’t a female, a FTM, MTF, or vegan,  he seemed like an alright person.

You can imagine the shock, horror, and revulsion I felt upon opening the envelope to see THIS:


I read the petite book quickly (small books like this are apparently called  Miniature Comics by the people who make them).  I Don’t want to upset any of my sensitive readers with the content and the plot, but to put it mildly  Van Buren sets forth the hypothesis that “girls” (as he so crudely refers to womyn)  poop things like rainbows and butterflies.

The image of the rainbow, the mighty rainbow of the GBLT community coming out of the toilet offends me to the bottom of my soul. Is Mr. Van Buren suggesting that the LBGT community belongs in the toilet?

Now, i realize that I eat a high fiber, macrobiotic, raw food diet, so my bowel movements are  not the norm, BUT I ASSURE you dear readers, butterflies, rainbows and zebra’s they are not.

Mr. Van Buren, do not be surprised if you receive a small package in the mail, consisting of your comic and my  poop.  I encourage all of my readers to commit this same act of protest, and at $2 dollars a copy, why not? I also recommend purchasing the book just to set it aflame.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to sit on the toilet and read my favorite book:


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  • 1. Caytlyn  |  May 26, 2009 at 11:41 pm

    I’ve read it 200 times and each time my outrage grows, but also my pity. In our “bigger is better” society, the gentleman is clearly acting out as compensation for his miniature comics.

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