May 29, 2009 Drafts

It is not often that the Goddess and I join hands and take a journey by air.

Sadly, unlike this beauteaous dolphin, I will be traveling by Aeroplayne.

It sickens me to think all the fuel an aeroplayne uses. YET duty calls… you see my darlings, I’m a lead speaker this weekend at a Goddess Sexuality and Empowerment Panel in the Windy City (that’s Chicago!)!!!!!!

This weekend will be full of interesting conversations, mad cavorting, and general Goddess merriment. If i do not post anything tell Monday, my apologies, but know that I am some where in Chicago worshiping the Goddess.

This is an artist’s rendition of what these Goddess Work Shops look like. The only difference is that at the actual conference we are all wearing clothing and sitting on folding chairs in plain room lit by fluorescent lights. Speaking of clothing, I have packed my most prized “Friend Of the Sea Otter” sweatshirt for the panel discussion! ( I will post pictures upon my return.)

Back to the flight. I plan to spend every moment I’m in the air thinking about what it means to be the sky. Lately things have been going so well for me, I fear that I am behaving a tad like Prometheus (seen to the right). Hopefully my Aeroplayne will not touch the sun and burst into flames!

IMG_0251IMG_0254 Axeotamrius Rose and Mylo are staying with my mother whilst I am away. Do you think they might look a tad glum at the prospect of spending the weekend with out me?


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  • 1. emily  |  June 2, 2009 at 2:19 am

    When I first saw the women on the sea shell, I swore it was you!
    I gathered others around to examine the photo side-by-side with your most recent myspace pictures…the data came back as “inconclusive”.

    I hope I’m right cuz there’s a pool going on and I don’t wanna be out 50 bucks.

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