The Penis Problem

August 8, 2009 Drafts

It has been brought to my attention  that there have been some rumblings of disquiet from the  Womyn/Goddess/Systers of our sacred E space about the recent addition of a few Male Humans to our community.

First of all, I would like to assure you I hate most human males, just as much as the rest of the you. In fact, I can hardly tell most men apart, they pretty much all look like this to me:

However, after my intense relationship with Axeotamrius rose, my prized male feline companion, I have come to the conclusion that some men are acceptable.  Clearly, this still rules out 99% of most human males on the planet.

I have put together some criteria to help us all know when a human male is acceptable for friendship/aquantencship:

A persistent and pervasive pattern of gentle admiration for all living beings on the planet, as well a spiritual connection to the universe and beyond.  The Male must also meet at least four criteria from A-E for a period of one year or Longer:

A. He Worships The Goddess

B.  He recycles

C. He was born without a Penis

D. He is Vegan, or at least Vegetarian

E.  He does not watch TV, Or care about Sports

F. Is not better explained by a general medical condition


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