Tears at the Dentist; a Hairy tail

February 23, 2011 Drafts

This morning I was  at my holistic tooth healer,  happily anticipating a gum massage and tooth chant  when i was disturbed by a beeping noise emenating from my cellular telphone.

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It was a terrible message from my cat sitter. I had foolishly entrusted my most beloved creature, Axeotomarious Rose, My feline Life Partner to the care of a biological male human. (I never leave axotomarius rose alone, not for a moment) In the 20 minutes since I had left my house, this so called cat sitter “accidently” let Axeotomarius out of the front door, and had not seen him in minutes.
Well, the tears were rolling down my cheeks like mad. I had waited months for this appointment, as this tooth healer has quite a waiting list, and the spiritual energy in my molars has been unbalanced and needing an adjustment.
Some people would describe my predicament as “a pickle” but i choose to not use such a phallic metaphor. Rather i would say, i was in a bind. A no win situation.
Luckily, my phone beeped again moments later, and my soon to be EX cat sitter informed me that Axeotamarius Rose was simply sitting a few feet away from the front door looking petrafied, and had been taken back inside. I quickly called my cat therapist to make an emergency trauma counseling session later that day.
SO all ended well, but the lesson to be learned is NEVER RELY ON A BIOLOGICAL MALE FOR ANYTHING. PERIOD.


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  • 1. maria  |  February 23, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    Never again.

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